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Why use SiteWorks? We dedicate ourselves first and foremost to accuracy and safety. Our Damage Prevention Technicians utilize state of the art locating equipment and are trained to the highest of industry standards. We stand as the first line of defense in painting the way to safety for any worksite. 


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About SiteWorks

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Since its formation in 2014, SiteWorks Locating Inc. has become an innovative industry leader in the field of utility locating. We work hand in hand with both utility owners and contractors to ensure that underground infrastructure remains protected and undamaged.

We strive to maintain accuracy and efficiency by using the best available utility locating equipment and industry best practices. It is a requirement of all our damage prevention technicians to complete the DPT100 utility locating course provided by the ORCGA. Additionally, SiteWorks personnel receive extensive in-field training to ensure they are competent and meet the standards expected by our clients. 

Above all - our main goal is to deliver cost-effective services with results that our clients can trust. We stand as the first line of defense in the preservation of underground infrastructure and the safety of all workers on any job site. 



SiteWorks Locating Inc. believes there is no exception when it comes to safety. Our damage prevention technicians receive training in job hazard analysis, electrical hazards, and proper site safety procedurces. Additionally, SiteWorks Locating Inc. is a registered member of the ORCGA along with several safety compliance entities.  

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Private Locates

Need a Private Locate?

What’s the difference between public utilities and private utilities and who is responsible for which?


Public utility companies WILL locate infrastructure on private property – but ONLY up to the demarcation point such as a meter, valve or junction box. After this point – the utility is deemed as private and must be located by a private locate contractor.

That’s where SiteWorks comes in! With over 10 years of experience – we can find the private utilities on your worksite fast and efficiently. Give us a call!



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